Welcome To AGDG Minigame Collab

This is minigame collab, each level is created by a different AGDG person as a separate minigame. You can play them in order and try to beat them all to reveal a secret message!

And how do I install this program?

It is just a .zip file that you extract. But because of the file paths built into the programs and shortcuts that it uses, it must be extracted to c:\games\. I tried to make it not like that, but actually it just has to be like that.

The first level

The first level is a startling introduction into the kind of progress we can expect from agdg collabs. It really amazed me that such a thing could be created by someone.

The second level

The collab then goes from better to even better as you transform from a 2d platformer in the first level to playing as a breakout pointer in the action-packed level two.

Blogs or social media

None yet, tell me in the thread.

Latest Version

Just a tech preview / demo.


who made the individual levels.